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Dear Friend,

The times they-are-a-changing, aren’t they?

If you’re even the slightest bit aware of what’s going on in the world, things don’t look very good socially, politically, and economically right now, do they?

Frankly, the gap between those who survive and those who don’t is about to widen. Big-time.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be one of those who not only survives, but also THRIVES. And I found just the guy who actually shows you how, step-by-step, to kick ass, take names, and get what you want out of life!

Listen, I don’t care what you think you know about NLP, Hypnosis, Change Work, Mind Skills, Energy Work, Emotional Freedom, Mind Control or whatever-you-want-to-call-it. What it all comes down to is the same thing:

Methods that Bring RESULTS

If you’re frustrated with the way things have been going; if you want to be Empowered and have an Edge in life that no one else has, and the dynamic results that go with it, you need to know this.

Youʼve probably heard about Scott Bolan in the magazines and talk shows, or in his bestselling courses like Mental Warfare Secrets, Martial Mastery, Secrets of Time Distortion, and Dynamic Attraction. Heʼs in big demand, and rightfully so.

Scott Bolan has dedicated his life to the study of physical, mental and spiritual mastery arts. He heads up a worldwide organization and has had unparalleled success! But get this - Scott is often called “the modern-day Bruce Lee for the Brain” because he shows you exactly how to get it, step-by-step, with MIND-BLOWING strategies and tactics that are instantly workable.

He can take the Ancient Wisdom of the Kahunas, Sadhus, Ninja and Samurai, and show you how to properly apply it in modern-day real life for stunning results.

What Good is a Black Belt?

Think about it right now: How many of us will ever REALLY be physically attacked? The truth is, most of us will go through our entire lives never being attacked physically But every day we are constantly attacked psychically and mentally.

The news, the internet, our friends, social engineering, politicians, manipulators, people-users, family and co-workers, and on and on, bombards us 24/7 with mental attacks, which are attacks on YOUR personal energy – essentially, you very life force.

So what real good is a Black Belt? Unfortunately, 99% of people totally miss out on how their training actually applies to REAL LIFE SURVIVAL!

Listen up, friend. The TRUE Warrior is the warrior who wins in ALL of life, not just on the mat or in a street fight. This is what the Ninja were truly all about: WINNING!


Even a huge building in your town is dying, it’s crumbling. It’s the nature of things.

Things wither away over time. However, a small group of people known as the “Ninja” decided they would NOT wither away! They decided to survive and thrive. That’s why they are still such a popular figure in our culture today, though they are now highly misunderstood.

You see, the word Nin-ja means “enduring person.” If you want to endure, if you want to overcome the odds and master life itself, this is for you.

The True Skill of a Ninja is Winning, and in this all-NEW Course that no one has anywhere else Master Scott Bolan

Shows You How to Win!

Winning was the “how and why” of the Ninja skills development, born in the crucible of necessity for OPTIMUM survival.

For example, a “REAL NINJA…”

  • Blends in (you wonʼt see him, he may look like anybody, if he doesnʼt want you to remember him you most likely wonʼt)
  • Stands out when he wants for a “tactical” purpose (to capture the attraction of the girl of his dreams, to get higher pay, to make that awesome business connection, or stand out above the competition)
  • Knows how to Fight and WIN with passive, medium, or LETHAL FORCE according to the threat he is faced with.
  • Knows how to survive and THRIVE in almost any condition or circumstance.
  • Is prepared in Mind, Body and Spirit FOR WINNING, and so he DOES win!
  • Knows how to HEAL himself and help others in a time of need
  • Uses the LEAST EFFORT and gets the MOST GAIN
  • Uses the forces and powers of nature – including human nature – to achieve his objective

Listen. Scott Bolan doesnʼt wear a black mask, but he does teach you how to apply these Ninja Skills to REAL LIFE for Winning, and boatloads of satisfied clients tell us that is exactly what theyʼre doing with THIS information. They tell us things like…

… Soul-mates found. Fortunes made. Problems Solved. Goals Achieved. Inner Game Mastered, Outer World Conquered! Finally Empowered! …

These are the kinds of results this information is designed for.

And to attend one of Scottʼs seminars usually costs around $1700 to $2400 bucks. But for good folks like you, Straightforward clients who know the real deal, weʼve decided to give you a chance to discover these powerful skills for yourself, practically for FREE!

You can have Scott Bolanʼs Ninja Power Secrets course for just $57! Thatʼs just to cover our production and handling costs. Thatʼs how confident I am that

Youʼll Love This!

This all-new course will be the most valuable training course in your knowledge arsenal, and I really do mean that. In it youʼll learn:

  • How To Persuade and Influence anyone AT WILL without compromising honor
  •  The 4 Foundations of Spiritual Mastery (you must know these to win on the battle ground of the soul!)
  • How To Weaken Your Opponent With a Single Glance
  • 3 Master Keys for Unstoppable Confidence!
  • The 7 Most Brutal and Effective Fighting Secrets Known to Man -how to stop a bigger, stronger attacker!
  • Ninja Body Language and Verbal Skills – Slaughter the Competition! Mesmerize almost anyone!
  • How To Create a Shield of Self-Protection
  • The Kuji-In 9 Hand Seals: Your Personal Achievement Sanctuary
  • How to Get Rid of Fear instantly

And so much more, it would take 20 pages to outline it all here! Rather than do that, I invite you to discover these very real secrets for yourself.

Then YOU will know these secrets and have them for yourself.

Just imagine what you can do with info like this!

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